法王新闻 | 2007年12月


Transcript: Kagyu Monlam Chenmo’s Concluding Speech from His Holiness on 28th of December.

地點:印度 菩提迦耶 金剛座

After the Kagyu Monlam was completed, His Holiness met with many of the organizers and participants to thank them:

“The 25th Monlam Chenmo is completed, not only in this place. I believe it is also completed in everybody’s heart.

“It could be said the reason why I am leading the Kagyu Monlam Chenmo’s work is because I am the head of the lineage; I am the person who bears the name of Karmapa. However, it can also be said that it is because I believe that everyone in this work team has been my family for many lifetimes, either my parents, or other relatives. Therefore, with gratitude, I plunge into the task, hoping that I can make everybody even happier.

“While working during the Monlam, maybe due to some temporary circumstances, you may sometimes have felt upset or uncomfortable, but from the ultimate perspective I believe Kagyu Monlam Chenmo is the spring of happiness and joy. And this is also my good wish for everyone. I am not at all concerned if I could continue to lead Kagyu Monlam Chenmo in the future. What I am concerned about is whether everyone involved can work together harmoniously with one mind, and make Kagyu Monlam proceed in accordance with Dharma.

“Taking myself as an example, as leader of this Monlam, I cannot say that I have not made any mistakes in the process. Even though I have made many mistakes, as long as I am alive, even for one day, I will continue to devote myself to Kagyu Monlam. Why? This is because I hope, I wish to benefit every one of you, and even if I cannot bring real benefits to everyone, as long as my two feet are still planted on this earth, I want to bring you joy and happiness. And this has always been my wish.

“This time, there are so many people who have come to attend Monlam from all over the world. They all went back to their own countries full of joy. And this is the sign that Kagyu Monlam has really accomplished something. So if it is just us, and we say that the monlam was successful, it doesn’t mean much. The real sign that Monlam is completed with satisfaction is to see that every participant’s heart is full of joy and peace, and will bring with them the feeling and the experience of compassion to their own home country. This is the success of Monlam. “Why is it possible for Monlam to bring so many people such joy? I am only the planner; the one who really executed the plan is Lama Chodrak and everyone in this room. Because of your hard work, you made so many people so happy.

“If we want to talk about the mistakes we made – there are too many to talk about. It is understandable that we all make mistakes, but this time I really saw that everyone is completely devoted to pure Dharma with their body, speech and mind. So I want to thank everybody again. I want not only to thank you but I want to dedicate the merit of this Monlam to all of you. May you all be happier and happier in this life and in future lives and become closer and closer to perfect happiness. And I pray that everyone may never be separated from Karmapa’s activities, life after life.

I also want to say that compared to the difficulties you encounter working for the monlam, seeing the joy arising in so many people is even more powerful. I believe hundreds if not thousands of people are already eagerly awaiting the next Monlam. They are already asking when it is. I hope that for the sake of those who are waiting for the next Monlam, all of you will work together for it.

Even though you may have made some mistakes working for the Monlam, I want to assure you that I will never give up on any of you because of the mistakes you might have made. Kagyu Monlam is not worldly work; you will not be fired because you did not perform well. In common worldly jobs in general people are selected based on their ability and performance, but not Kagyu Monlam. Kagyu Monlam wishes to give more people the opportunity to be involved. As long as you have the wish, as long as you identify with the purpose of Monlam, I welcome you.

” While working for the Monlam, you may have felt some afflictive emotions: you might have got angry or felt that somebody is jealous of you, or that some people took advantage of you, but if you decide to quit because of this problem of the afflictive emotions, then you should tell yourself, compared to those who make you angry or get jealous of you or take advantage of you, or abuse you, the one who trusts you is even more important. So you shouldn’t retreat because of those who are jealous of you or want to hurt you, you should march on because of the person who trusts you.

“Finally I want to thank all the Chinese workers. You have participated in different teams at the Monlam. You have worked hard and well. I trust you fully and I hope you will continue with your good work and become the pride of all the Chinese around the world.”

His Holiness also thanked all the westerners who worked for the Kagyu Monlam and encouraged more people from western countries to participate. – reported byTashi Paljor