法王新闻 | 2018年09月

The Karmapa Visits the Tibetan Soccer Championships in North America

地点:美國 纽约

In the late afternoon, as the day’s hot temperature was coming off of its peak, the Karmapa came to watch the second Gyalyum Chenmo Memorial Gold Cup in North America.

In welcome, he was greeted with the traditional auspicious offerings. The Karmapa then took his seat high above the field where he had a good view to watch the play along with more than a thousand Tibetans who had come to cheer on their teams.

The match was between the previous year’s champions, the Cholsum Football Club of Toronto, and Team Tibet, from New York and New Jersey, who won this year’s event 3-0.

The Karmapa was asked to address the crowd and he began by thanking all who had participated. He also remarked that it was important that the Tibetans living abroad, and on this occasion, especially those living in North America, could come together and get to know each other so that friendships could naturally develop. He also rejoiced in the activity of His Holiness the Dalai Lama who had made this event possible and noted how well the Tibetans played together with a positive attitude.

This topic of harmony led him directly into an issue about which he often talks—positive relationships between the three large areas of Tibet and between the different religious traditions. Tibetan culture and religion, he said, depend on the Tibetans to preserve them and this is made possible through harmonious relationships between the three main areas of Tibet. The unity of these three is extremely important. Without it, the old divisiveness brings stress into this community. Everyone, therefore, has to put their shoulder to the wheel so that peace and well-being can happen within Tibetan society.

He concluded his talk with the aspiration that this would, indeed, come about.

Tibet Sun报道:法王呼吁藏人团结
Karmapa calls for unity among Tibetans

地点:美國 纽约
报道人:Lobsang Wangyal

法王2018年9月2日在纽约(རྒྱལ་ཡུམ་ཆེན་མོ)纪念金杯赛上观看纽约/新泽西和Cholsum 多伦多足球俱乐部两支藏族队伍的比赛

The Karmapa Lama called for Tibetans to remain united and focus their energy on the Tibetan cause for resolving the Tibetan issue, and to preserve Tibetan culture.

“Without unity the Tibetan cause cannot be achieved. Each and everyone has the responsibility for that unity without the divisive regional and sectarian affiliations,” said the Karmapa in New York City on Tibetan Democracy Day.

He was speaking on the occasion of the second Gyalyum Chenmo Memorial Gold Cup in North America.

That Karmapa pointed out that unnecessary conflict within the small Tibetan community brings anxiety among the people.

He emphasised that every Tibetan should consider the Tibetan cause above everything else, and should work towards ending the discord that hurts Tibetan unity and the Tibetan cause.

More than a thousand Tibetans living in New York City and New Jersey congregated at the Michael J Tully Park Stadium in New York City to watch the final match between Team Tibet, the football team of New York/New Jersey, and the Cholsum Football Club of Toronto.
居住在纽约市和新泽西州的一千多名藏人聚集在纽约市的Michael J Tully Park体育场观看西藏队,纽约/新泽西足球队和Cholsum多伦多足球俱乐部之间的最后一场比赛。

Team Tibet won the finals by three goals to none by Cholsum. A total of 16 teams played in the tournament over three days.

The Toronto team had won the first edition of the tournament in 2016, defeating the NY/NJ team.

The Tibetan Democracy Day celebration in New York/New Jersey will be held on the 9th of this month.