法王新闻 | 2020年04月


His Holiness Ogyen Trinley Dorje gave a special talk on the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic

時間: 2020年4月14日
中譯: 堪布丹杰

I would like to wish everyone Tashi Delek.

At this time when, as you all know, the coronavirus pandemic has spread throughout the world, creating an inconceivable crisis, I have been staying in retreat, keeping some distance from society. But I am unable to bear the feeling, and would like to say a few words today.

From the time this epidemic began to spread, it has severely impacted the daily lives and health of everyone on the entire earth. We worry anxiously about what will happen in the future.

The Bhagavan Buddha said that everything composite is impermanent. No matter what situation we face in our lives, it always changes, not staying still for even an instant. We are able to deal with a great deal of change, but merely knowing that is no substitute. When sometimes there are changes in a direction that we want or when positive changes exceed our expectations, we have the hope that there will even more or greater changes. But when it is the opposite and there are incomprehensible changes for the bad, we get afraid and do not know what we should do.
佛陀开示「诸行无常」,这是在说我们生活当中的任何事情,刹那也无法停留,总是在不停地在改变著。对于大多数的改变,我们都还能承受得了,因此并不真的觉得无常有多大的影响。尤其对于那些我们想要的改变, 像是好的改变,或者比自己设想的更棒的那些改变,我们甚至会希望能够更多一点、改变再大一些;相对的,当那些意料之外的负面改变发生时,我们就会显得惊慌失措。

So when we are confronted by such great impermanence as now, we must do what we can not to panic and instead look inside ourselves. For example, many things we ordinarily take for granted are actually incredibly precious. We should relax and think about our normal good health and what a great happiness it is to have people who are dear to us. Then we can use this crisis to improve ourselves and learn something new. I think that trying to do this will be very beneficial.
因此,巨大的无常现在正在发生,这个时候,我们一定要镇静,不要惊慌,并且尽力向内心去看。 例如平时生活中,我们觉得理所当然的很多事情,事实上都是多么的珍贵,像是自己健康的身体,或者身边的亲人、 朋友,这都带给我们多大的快乐⋯⋯,现在应该静下心来,好好的想一下才是。藉着这次的逆缘,我们应该好好提升自己,获得新的启发,这样才是更有意义的。

This present pandemic does not discriminate between male and female, between races and nationalities, between those with wealth and power and those without. Even developed countries such as America, Spain, Italy, and the UK face great difficulties. Many developing and poor countries will face even greater hardships. Even if a country has only one coronavirus patient, the danger to the entire world is such that it is crucially important all of us on the earth must work together to face and overcome this crisis.
这次的疫情,无分男女、民族,无分贫富贵贱,都受到了波及。美国、西班牙、义大利、英国等等发达国家,也都面临到艰难的考验;许多发展中国家,或者经济条件较为落后的国家,更是困难重重。我们应该要知道: 就算只有一个国家还有一个人患病,对于他国而言就还是有危险的,因此,我们应该齐心协力,共同面对克服这次的疫情挑战,这是非常重要的事情。

Every day, the number of the sick increases. When we see the number of deaths increasing past the hundreds and thousands, we can be left numb. In actuality, each one of them is a living, breathing person. In particular, doctors and medical professionals are caring for the sick and making great sacrifices to fight this battle. It is very important that we all express our appreciation, support, and praise for them.
现在每天感染的数字还在不断增加,其中往生者的数字更是成百上千,有时我们看到这些数字可能无动于衷,事实上要知道,这每一个数字都是活生生的一个生命。尤其对于那些在前线捨命照顾患者的医生、护士们, 我们更是要随喜并且给予协助和讚叹,这是非常重要的。

Thus to show how we Buddhists support everyone during this current epidemic, starting from next Saturday, we have an hour-long prayer session on the internet every day for a week. We can all pray together for world peace and for the epidemic to be quelled. The time will be announced later. So I would like to ask everyone to pray together for everyone in the world to be happy and for this pandemic to quickly pass.
我们身为佛教徒,对于这次的疫情,为了表示关切,从这个周六开始,一个星期里面,每天一个小时,在网路上我们一起念诵祈愿,为了这次的疫情而祈愿。之后会再公布细节; 让我们一起祈愿世界喜乐,疫情得以 尽快平息。